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9 Major Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 11 Now

Name the image and then choose whether you want to save it as a PNG, JPG, or GIF file . The snipping tool is a powerful feature of most Windows computers and can be used to create images of the device’s screen. Once opened, click the New button in the Snipping Tool window to create a new screenshot.

  • It’s really cool, and all the different options gives it the flexibility to fit almost anyone’s workflow.
  • This entire UX feels excellent, and I think it’s one of Windows 11’s highlight features.
  • If you have any issues, let us know in a comment below.
  • The first Windows 11 preview came alongside a PC Health Check meant to gauge eligibility, but users discovered it was inaccurate.

I like tinker and work with open source software. I also think the keyboard shortcuts on MacOS are less productive and http://driversol.com/drivers/video-cards/nvidia/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1050-ti-with-max-q-design less intuitive. The handling, administration and management is different, and need to be learned.

Why aren’t the keyboard shortcuts working on my device?

If IT managers are grinding their teeth at the prospect of testing and validating a new operating system, at least Microsoft has thrown them a decent-sized bone. Instead of the six-monthly major update cycle that Windows 10 fell into, Microsoft is moving to an annual feature update system, similar to that of macOS. A final point on multi-monitor support – in the past, connecting or disconnecting displays on Windows would produce a fairly jarring flash of a black screen, eventually returning to normal. Windows 11 has a subtle solution to this, which instead creates a zoom-in effect to make the window fit the display.

For computers with available storage of 128 GB or less, the installation might require you to provide a USB flash drive . If you installed third-party software after purchasing your HP computer, you can verify that it is supported in Windows 11 by contacting the software vendor. Select Windows Insider Program from the left menu. If you haven’t already agreed to send Microsoft all of your Windows diagnostic data, you’ll need to do so before you’ll be allowed to receive Windows 11 preview builds.

Kensington is Ready for the Future of the New Windows Operating System. Are You?

However, this method only works if you have a laptop with integrated Intel graphics. IRotate is a third-party tool that lets you set up hotkeys for screen rotation. It works well with all major operating systems, but there are some minor issues to keep in mind.

Windows 11 for Education

Support for connecting monitors is also much improved. They’re now conveniently minimised to keep everything tidy. Better still, when we returned to Windows 11 after a lengthy break, we found the open windows on the external display would jump back into place, as if we never left it.

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